College students and coffee shops


People study at Chocolate Holler coffee shop on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jack Weaver | Staff

Kennedy Parks

Coffee shops are the perfect match for the sleep deprived college kid. There’s something special about grabbing a seat in your favorite coffee shop with your unique drink order in hand. The low music and dreamy background make it the perfect place to get inspired and study.

What is it about a coffee shop that’s beneficial to a college student? Well, chances are, if you go out of your way to study in a coffee shop, you’re less likely to get distracted. You might be feeling overwhelmed from the same scenery of your bedroom and all the distractions that come along with being in your home. Coffee shops provide the perfect change of scenery and the right amount of social interaction.

Coffee shops can provide the perfect peaceful experience and the perfect amount of social interaction when you’re feeling overworked. Coffee shops bring people together. Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, there are so many different options that are sure to be perfect for you. They are a good way to immerse yourself into the culture of your college town. Other students are only some of the people that could grace your presence while in a coffee shop. There is something beautiful about observing new people and making new friends in your college town.

Being in college can be difficult, especially when you’re far from home. I’ve made some of my deepest connections, written my best papers and gotten my best grades in the presence of a perfect cup of coffee made right here in Lexington. The sense of comfort and community provided by the experience of a good coffee shop is unlike any other. I know I feel incredibly special walking into my favorite local coffee shop and having the baristas know my name and my order. It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, especially for somebody that struggles with

social anxiety, like myself. But it’s extremely rewarding when you finally take that step and do something as small as studying in a local coffee shop.

Luckily, Lexington hit the jackpot when it comes to coffee shops. A special place for me is Chocolate Holler. It was the first coffee shop I ever went to and studied in alone. 

I used to be extremely intimidated by the thought of sitting in a random place by myself for hours. I refused to go if I didn’t have someone with me, and when meeting a friend, I would very rarely go inside and grab a table for us if they hadn’t made it yet. I was adamant about avoiding doing things on my own for a long time.

It wasn’t until a friend encouraged me to try it out that I took what felt like an out of the ordinary step for myself. I can say that a small act of courage in stepping out of my comfort zone changed my life! As small as it may seem, it made me more confident in talking to new people, trying new things and really learning to focus on my studies. 

This is your encouragement to try something new! Go to that coffee shop, talk to that barista and enjoy the small moments of college.