Dressing in imagination at Lexington Comic Con

Comic Con attracts thousands of fans and vendors to the Lexington Convention Center Friday, March 11, 2016 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Joel Repoley | Staff.

Emily Cole

Last weekend, the stars aligned for the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, commonly known as Comic Con, at the Lexington Convention Center.

While the convention hosts hundreds of events and vendors each year, sci-fi lovers lined up around the building specifically for the main event: this year’s star studded celebrity panel. Famous illustrators, professional cosplayers and actors were treated as sci-fi royalty at Comic Con.

With a wide variety of media guests, there was something unique and exciting for everyone in attendance.

Perhaps one of the most surprising celebrity appearances was that of 80s teen pop star Tiffany, who now goes by her full name, Tiffany Darwish. While once famous for her music, she is now an actress and lover of all things science fiction.

“I’m a huge sci-fi fan, when my son was young we would sit down on Saturday morning and watch sci-fi together,” Darwish said.

While the former teen celebrity has made appearances in everything from “How I Met Your Mother” to the movie “Ted,” her biggest fan following comes from her role in fantasy movies like “Mega Piranha” and “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.” These movies had a cult following, landing Darwish a spot as a media guest at several conventions in past years. While Tiffany is hard at work greeting fans and signing autographs, she said she loves to explore the convention for herself.

“As you walk around Comic Con you will see some of the most elaborate costumes. It’s so much fun to watch people having a good time and committing to the cosplay,” Darwish said.

Some meet-and-greet lines stretched out the door at this year’s convention, including that of veteran actor Sylvester McCoy. Sylvester McCoy, who played the title role in “Doctor Who” and starred as Radagast in “The Hobbit,” is no stranger to travel and new experiences. McCoy has also allowed his commercial success to take him all over the globe, from New Zealand to Cambodia.

“I have been to comic conventions all over the world, places like Mexico, Spain and Brazil. I like to go where there’s always an adventure,” McCoy said.  

While his travels have taken him to some exotic destinations, McCoy also enjoyed his time in the Big Blue Nation.

“I arrived Wednesday and I have been walking around and enjoying Lexington, it’s a nice city with a lovely atmosphere,” McCoy said.

However, one group of celebrity guests far outweighed the rest of the panel. Every year, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers come to Lexington Comic Con to talk to their fans about the show. Ciara Hanna, who plays the yellow Power Ranger on the TV show, was the newest to the convention this year.

“This is my first Lexington convention and I am very excited because I have heard great things,” Hanna said.

While earning the right to mingle at Comic Con is exciting, Hanna said that the real dream is going to work every day.

“If you had told seven year old me that I was going to be a Power Ranger, I wouldn’t believe you. I’m the cool friend and sister now because I’m a Power Ranger,” Hanna said.

This year’s convention provided an escape from reality for more than 25,000 people, a record high from last year. With this many eager fans waiting patiently in line, the celebrity guests of the event were kept busy at work. Some actors charged additional fees for pictures and autographs while other guests chose to give this for free. Regardless, the 2016 Lexington Comic and Toy Convention was one for the books.