Lexington entertainment company aims to transform local music scene

Ana Neal

A Lexington-based entertainment company is here to change people’s view of music.

TriFection Entertainment, founded by Juan Maldonado and Eric Gaines last year, was created to give independent artists of all genres a platform. TriFection specializes in both small and large-scale events, for artists to showcase their talents.

“I had the privilege of working with several talented artists of all genres and experienced first hand how difficult it was for them to find a place to perform and showcase their talents. So, I decided to create a company that would provide a platform for them to do just that,” said Maldonado, co-founder of TriFection.

Last year, TriFection had an event in Lexington where rapper RiFF RAFF performed. The company used this opportunity to showcase a local artist, J Cannon, as the opening act.

“Our company prides itself on being actively involved and organizing events for every genre. Our events vary from a burlesque show with fire performers to your normal concert with a headlining artist,” Maldonado said.

The Greeks at UK know first hand about what TriFection can do. “TriFection Greek” was launched recently and is responsible for hosting date parties, formals and helping with Spring Break travel plans. “TriFection Greek” caters to Greek life on UK’s campus. The founders’ goal is to expand to other Kentucky universities by fall 2018.

In addition to helping independent artists and UK Greeks, this company hosts a wide array of other events. In April 2015, the company teamed up with the Beaux Arts Foundation for the Beaux Arts Ball. The ball is a celebration of music and art, which is what TriFection is all about.

“Our overall goal is to change the music, arts and entertainment culture here in Lexington, permanently,” Maldonado said.

Fittingly, according to the company, it plans to start a music festival in Lexington just in time for the fall 2017 semester. The company plans to break the habits of UK students and the Lexington community. They want to bring the city out of its comfort zone through its events.

“As someone from around here, I feel TriFection is a good company because we’re not used to having concerts for any artists,” said Kairon Snowden, who attended one of TriFection’s events. “They brought RiFF RAFF last year and I think it’s pretty dope they’re bringing Mike Jones this year.”

TriFection has events coming up soon in April. For more information visit their website here.