‘Stomp’ inspires collaboration


Stomp-A-Palooza 2016

Editorial Board

Earlier this month, the Kernel published an editorial about how Greek life could help improve campus diversity by working together. Tuesday’s Stomp-a-palooza event is a perfect example of National Panhellic Council, Interfraternity Council, and National Pan Hellenic Council groups joining hands, and participants should be sure to expand on the relationships they build at Stomp.

Stomp-a-palooza is a step event co-hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Theta. All proceeds go to the groups’ philanthropic connections, Court Appointed Special Advocates and March of Dimes.

Alpha Phi Alpha President Nicholas Bryant said that Stomp is one of the only events which brings together NPC, IFC, and NPHC groups during the Spring.

“The culture on campus needs to change, and we’re trying to do our part to help foster that,” Bryant said.

According to Bryant, the event is organized for NPC and IFC groups to compete, and NPHC members volunteer to coach teams.

Coaches have free access to the event, and they even get the chance to join on stage in a free-for-all dance at the end.

“We’ve been doing this since 2005,” said Rashad Bigham, a broadcast journalism senior. “It’s not designed for NPHC’s to compete against IFC’s and NPC’s; it’s designed for us to build a relationship with them through showing them our culture and inviting them into that area and then inviting us into their culture of Greek life.”

To uphold the value of the event, participants should be sure to grow their relationships, maybe even consider new partnerships going forward.

Many Greek groups do not have the size and materials for big philanthropy events, but fostering partnerships can open new opportunities for all groups.

“We only have about a month with each team,” Bryant said, “so it’s honestly not that much time to really foster that kind of relationship that you can learn about each other, learn about each other’s cultures, develop that respect. After the event’s over, it’s designed that hopefully you keep that relationship, that after the event you still stay in contact.”

Creating more longstanding partnerships and traditions like Stomp will change the culture of this campus for the better. 

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