Nama-stadium yoga


​A look down UK’s newly renovated Commonweath Stadium field on July 22, 2015. Photo by Marcus Dorsey

Olivia Jones

Imagine Commonwealth Stadium filled with hundreds of warrior poses, different shades of yoga pants, post-practice smiles and raised endorphins. 

Thursday at 7:30 p.m. the UK Campus Recreation and Wellness Department is hosting Yoga at Commonwealth Stadium. 

The stadium setting will bring a new experience to avid practitioners as well as yoga virgins and all sorts of fitness friends across campus. 

“We want to allow students to experience Commonwealth Stadium in a unique capacity,” Director of Marketing and Membership Sales for Campus Recreation and Wellness Courtney Hoffman said.  “We would love to have 200 (participants), but the more the better!”

According to Hoffman the event’s lead instructor Fitness Graduate Assistant Kyra Dickie, will teach at the center of the field while a few other strategically placed instructors will demonstrate for participants to follow along.

“If you were to stay in child’s pose for the full hour because it feels good to you, you should do that,” Dickie said. “Yoga is more than just physical movement…It’s about presence and training the mind to think differently than it naturally would.”

The event is promoted as a basic vinyasa yoga class, suitable for all levels. However, “basic” doesn’t mean that meditative handstands and complex inversions are prohibited. Modifications and some pose progressions will be offered to those who are beyond beginner status.

Hoffman touched on the idea of introducing newcomers to the group fitness format of yoga in addition to “adding hype” to UK athletics, Campus Recreation and Wellness other departments. 

“We got the idea from the Bengals in Cincinnati,” Hoffman said. “They do something very similar at Paul Brown Stadium and we thought it would be an awesome opportunity for students, faculty and staff here.”

The event is open to all students and UK employees with a valid ID. Participants will have to bring their own yoga mats and can enter the field at Gate 1 at 7:00 p.m.

As stated on the Campus Recreation website, the department’s mission is to provide programs and services that “support student success and promote healthy lifestyles.” In addition to the yoga event, Campus Recreation and Wellness is responsible for organizing sightseeing, canoeing, rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking and rappelling, backpacking, bouldering and skiing trips dispersed over the remainder of the semester.