Writer works like there is ‘No Tomorrow’

Haley Martin

UK graduate Tory Stanton reached a major career milestone earlier this month. His new television show “No Tomorrow” premiered on The CW network Saturday, Oct. 4.

Stanton co-created the show with his writing partners Corinne Brinkerhoff and Scott McCabe. He is a writer, supervising producer, and a creator for the series.

“We’ve been there for the whole process of writing the pilot and through casting and hiring all the staff, so it’s really exciting,” said Stanton. 

As an undergraduate student in the College of Communication and Information at UK, Stanton always knew he wanted to be a writer and producer for television. While in school Stanton focused on taking classes in film, production, and television studies. He attributes much of his success to his background in communication.

After graduating from UK, Stanton moved to the west coast and attended film school at Cal-Berkeley. For the past several years Stanton has been producing content for various networks with his production company Two Trick Pony Productions.

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“We do exclusively comedy. We’ve produced shows for truTV called ‘Cocktales with Little Esther’ and ‘7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien’,” said Stanton. “We’ve worked with some big names on some of these shows. It’s really been a complete blast.” 

With a successful production company and a brand new TV show, Stanton is excited about the future. It was not always easy finding success in the television business though. At times it was discouraging for Stanton. 

“You have to keep your momentum going yourself. No one is going to help you do it,” said Stanton.

Stanton grew up in Kentucky and moved to Los Angeles to follow his dreams. He encourages students interested in the same path to pursue those dreams, and find people that will encourage them and help them through the process. 

“Find a group of like-minded people because it’s so hard to do this by yourself. Collaborate with people, have a bunch of people to bounce ideas off of and work together with,” said Stanton.

Stanton’s new show is a lighthearted romantic comedy focusing on a play-it-safe woman by the name of Evie who meets and falls for a charming man, Xavier. She soon finds that this man might actually be crazy and believes that the end of the world is coming. With a little help from Xavier, Evie learns to live like there’s no tomorrow. 

“It’s the type of show that you want to watch when you are feeling a little lousy to kind of cheer you up,” said Stanton. “That’s the goal of the show, to kind of lighten the mood and make you happy.” 

Viewers can watch “No Tomorrow” at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights on The CW.  Old episodes are also available on The CW app. To find out more about “No Tomorrow” and Stanton’s other projects, visit twotrickponyproductions.com.