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Projections from multiple media outlets: AP, CNN

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Donald Trump has claimed the state of Kentucky according to projections from multiple media outlets including AP and CNN.

As of 7:30 p.m. CNN had Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton 64 percent to 31 percent, with about 20 percent of precincts reporting.

Incumbent Rand Paul was declared the winner of he state senate race by the Associated Press, with about 20 percent precincts reporting. 

Incumbent Rep. Andy Barr is running against Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper for the 6th congressional district. 

The Kernel is covering Election Day with live updates of the general election, the U.S. Kentucky Senate race and the 6th congressional district results. 

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Kernel Election Day News coverage: 

Markets tank as election results come in

Global markets are reacting to election results.

Kentucky gives Rand Paul second term

The Senate race in Kentucky was called in favor of Rand Paul shortly after the polls closed.

Kentucky presidential polling data

Polling data for Kentucky election results as reported by CNN.

155 calls to vote fraud hotline by afternoon

The state Attorney General’s voter fraud hotline had received 155 calls by 3:30 PM according to a report by the Herald Leader

Shooting near California polling station leads to lockdown

A polling location in Azusa, California is on lockdown after a nearby shooting, according to a report by CNN. At least two people were wounded.

Where to watch the election results

In case you don’t know where to see live election coverage, check out local watch parties in Lexington. 

‘No phones allowed’ sign on KY polling place not accurate

According to a report by LEX 18, law enforcement has been notified of a ‘No phones allowed’ sign at a polling place in Scott County.

Marijuana on state ballots could open the door to legalization

Nine states have the opportunity to legalize recreational use of marijuana today, according to a report by the New York Times

‘Ballot selfies’ allowed in Kentucky

Despite it being illegal in 17 states, taking a picture of your ballot is not illegal in Kentucky. According to a report by the Herald Leader, voters who wish to share their decision through social media have the right to do so.