Cliff Cash coming to Al’s Comedy Series


Cliff Cash will perform at Al’s Bar on Tuesday, Dec. 6 as part of Al’s Comedy Series’ two year anniversary show.

Olivia Jones

Cliff Cash, a southern born, mid-thirties, optimistic man, went from business owner to comedy newbie phenomena in a little over a month. At 21, Cliff quit school and started selling cars for a Mercedes dealership in his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

“I’d never really made grown up money before. I had no idea what to do with it,” Cash said. 

He explained that eventually he saved up and  got a really good deal on a house for half of what it was worth. This led to his possession of five rental houses by the age of 26 and he made a living out of flipping and reselling properties. A few years later, the recession came into play and Cash decided he needed a new plan. 

“This time, I’m gonna try to do something that on my deathbed I can look back on, whether anyone else cares or not,” Cash said.

Eventually, Cash sold his business bit by bit and focused on comedy full time. Cash had always been a fan of all things funny. He often times would check out stand-ups from Blockbuster and never return them. 

The real motivation for his comedy career was his father. He said that his dad was always trying to make his siblings and himself laugh with pulling-the-finger jokes and what not.

“If I could make people laugh the way that he made me – just looking at people’s faces and knowing that I’m making them feel good is great,” Cash said.

Cash visited a comedy club in Wilmington where he watched each comedian and noted that a lot were great, and a lot really weren’t. So, he went about the next week writing and perfecting his own act. He would practice until he decided, “This is already funny.”

One month later, he was opening for national headliners and has won many awards in the comedy world, including Comedy Central’s “Up Next” Regional Winner, Port City’s Top Comic and many festival winning-awards.

“Honestly, this is my least favorite part of comedy,” Cash said, explaining that competitions in this industry are difficult because comedy is so subjective and personal. “It’s hard to be like, ‘this is the best comedy.’ I’d like to not have to rate or score it.”  

Regarding comedy as a career, Cash warned that you’re constantly at risk of wearing yourself out. Most comedians do some manifestations of the same material for a year or so. Some comedians go even longer on the same material.

“You get tired of yourself. Your voice. It’s hard finding excitement in something you’ve said thousands of times before. But, the monotony is offset by uncertainty,” Cash said.


What: Al’s Comedy Series #29: Cliff Cash, Joe Deuce, Shawn Reynolds, Kyle Fields and Bryan Gatlin

When: Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. 

Where: Al’s Bar – 601 N Limestone