Dan Frigolette making a living from laughs


Dan Frigolette’s comedy tour will make a stop at Al’s Bar in Lexington on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Olivia Jones

New York native, Dan Frigolette, had no intention of hopping into comedy when he began studying journalism at Syracuse University. Radio, advertising and rhetorical communication was his focus until a passion reassessment was in order after a jab from a peer.

Casually having his comedic ability questioned stung, according to Frigolette, making him realize how much his comedic craft mattered to him, adding that the next natural step was to go on stage and see if it was something he should be doing.  

After hanging out at Viva Debris, comedy and magic club in the basement of Hotel Syracuse for an entire summer, Frigolette talked his way into his first stage act in 2003.

Soon after Frigolette left for London to continue his journalistic studies abroad. He didn’t forget about comedy. Frigolette worked cleaning up glasses at a comedy club overseas and quietly watched and observed every single show.

Frigolette arrived back in the States only to find that Viva Debris had closed, so he got in his car and moved to New York City.

“Everything around you progresses your thought processes,” Frigolette said. “Life imitates art. From the standpoint of comedy, life dictates art.”

Five years into his comedy career, Frigolette was invited to perform at Caroline’s on Broadway as one of their featured break-out artists. Caroline’s is well known in the comedy world as a venue has hosted top comedians in the past such as Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Jay Leno and Gilbert Gottfried.

Frigolette said that nowadays he can’t even leave his house without seeing something hilarious, adding that you must decide between what’s worth the time and effort to craft into something and what’s just simply a universal truth.

Comedy opens people’s eyes, picks their brains and deconstructs shared common experiences and can make people feel more at ease in their lives.

“When you’re younger, you feel like people don’t understand, but as soon as you start talking to people, you feel like you belong a little more and you feel a little less crazy,” Frigolette said. “That weird thing you do in front of the mirror? Everyone does that.”

Diving into the televised world, Frigolette teamed up with Andrew Shulz and Stonehenge Management LLC to create the mini web series, The Apartmentship in 2012.

“Filming is so much fun but you don’t get to take as much home with you,” Frigolette said. “There’s nothing like live comedy. You’re finding out every two seconds whether your lines are good and every two seconds how people are affected.”   

In August 2016, Frigolette found himself with a day off in Nashville. After a call from his friend he decided to swing by Lexington where he ended up performing a short set in between bands at Cosmic Charlies.

Frigolette’s comedy tour will make its way through Lexington for a show at Al’s Bar on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m.