‘Lake Street’ dives into Lexington


Boston-based four-piece Lake Street Dive return to Lexington for the first time since October 2015 on Feb. 28 for a show at Manchester Music Hall.

Molding together a wide array of influences including 60s pop, soul, r&b, motown and indie-rock, Boston’s Lake Street Dive has garnered a massive audience since it’s start in 2004, opening on tour for newgrass pioneers Yonder Mountain String Band and playing at The White House and countless morning and late night TV shows.

Lake Street Dive was founded while vocalist Rachael Price, drummer Mike Calabrese, bassist Bridget Kearney and Mike “McDuck” Olson were enrolled at the New England Conservatory of Music. The group became a viral sensation in 2012 when they made a YouTube video covering the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and haven’t looked back since.

Lake Street Dive’s two most recent records, 2014’s ‘Bad Self Portraits’ and 2016’s ‘Side Pony’ have both been massively successful despite having two distinct identities. ‘Bad Self Portraits’ has more of an acoustic, intimate vibe, whereas ‘Side Pony’ encompasses more realms of soul, pop and psychedelia.

“We decided with [‘Side Pony’] to let the studio be our instrument and throw in some things that we knew wasn’t going to lead to the same performance on stage as on the record, but for us we see that as something to take advantage of rather than to avoid,” Kearney said. “The studio and live are two completely different animals. Each has something special about them you can accentuate to make it most enjoyable for the listener.”

After the success of ‘Side Pony,’ Kearney says the group is currently writing new material and will likely jump back into the studio later this year. In the meantime, Kearney is set to release a solo record on March 24 titled ‘Won’t Let You Down.’ On the record Kearney steps outside the familiar confines of the stand-up bass, illustrating her talents on electric bass, keys, organ, synthesizers and acoustic and electric guitars along with layers of backup vocals she attributes to her 13 years with Lake Street Dive.

According to Kearney, whether she’s writing material for Lake Street Dive or her solo gig, one constant required to get her creative juices flowing is isolation.

“The biggest enemy to my own creativity is having other people around,” Kearney said. “You really have to carve out that time when you’re alone. For me, I prefer if nobody were even in the building, because I want to be able to scream or do something crazy and see what it sounds like and not worry about someone listening and judging it when it’s unfinished.”

Lake Street Dive will perform at Manchester Music Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 28, the group’s first show in Lexington since a sold-out show at Cosmic Charlie’s with Holy Ghost Tent Revival in Oct. 2015. 

Joey Dosik will be providing support for Lake Street Dive, with a soul and pop-filled sound accompanied with a heavy dose of keys. Dosik is known for his collaboration on funk group Vulfpeck’s 2015 album ‘Thrill of the Arts,’ where he received songwriting credits on the track “Game Winner,” later releasing a re-done version of the tune under his name. 

“Music deepens my capacity to feel things,” Kearney said. “For me it’s a very emotional thing and I don’t really experience it with other forms of art, whether it be visual arts or literature. I enjoy those things on an intellectual level – sometimes they tell a good story, but they don’t touch me as deeply emotionally, so I think indulging and letting music really resonate within me has allowed me to reach more emotional depth.”