Cuts On Lime saving campus students and staff time

Jordan Brown

Barbers Fouad Froukh and Isa Ajeti have become successful businessmen since they opened their barbershop at 553 S Limestone Suite #375 three years ago, located directly across the street from the new Gatton School of Business on the UK’s campus.

Considered an off-campus business, Cuts on Lime strives in offering students, athletes, and university employees; a barbershop just a few steps off the beaten paths of their daily routines.

“Not necessarily being on or close to campus, but being in an area where there’s always people walking through and high activity in the area is beneficial for any business, which is what I was looking for when opening up three years ago,” Froukh said.

Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, it is difficult to get a feel of the normal number of customers the two can cut a day or within a given time period. According to Froukh, most of Cuts on Lime’s clients are walk-ins rather than scheduled.

Cuts on Lime offer many grooming options, including basic haircuts, beard trims, beard cuts with razors, shape ups and eyebrow designs and linings.

Cuts on Lime is a known attraction for many UK athletes to get their haircut. Former basketball players Jamaal Murray and Karl Anthony-Towns were regulars at the barbershop during their years on campus. Per Froukh, he still gives both cuts to this day.

“Having these athletes as customers helps business to a certain extent,” Froukh said. “Having relationships like that can take you a long way in any business.”

Checkered floors, speakers, flat screen televisions and antique barber chairs along with their social media information printed along wall wide mirrors help the shop feel modernized and appealing to their customers. The interior of the shop is designed to make the customers feel at home and represent a traditional barbershop.

“One thing I like about their barbershop is that they make you feel like they’re your close friends along with the finished product of my haircut,” finance freshman Andrew Ransdell said. “The only thing I dislike is that they only have the two barbers which could potentially lead to you having to wait two hours for a haircut depending on how busy they are.”

Being located near a busy campus with students, Cuts on Lime can cut hair and stay as efficient as possible when getting customers in and out of the barber chair.