The Weeks serve Mississippi rock vibes


Swampy, Mississippi-bred southern rock group The Weeks will be bringing music from their new album “Easy” to Cosmic Charlie’s on March 30.

Matt Wickstrom

Led by identical twins Cain and Cyle Barnes, The Weeks have manufactured a swampy blend of southern rock straight from Mississippi that has left music fanatics in a frenzy nationwide and earned them spots supporting headlining acts, such as Kings of Leon, on tour.

The Barnes brothers were raised by their aunt and uncle, and while nobody in their family was musically inclined, the brothers fell in love with southern rock listening to The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others on rides in their Uncle Charlie’s pick-up truck to go hunting growing up. 

Cyle Barnes recalled watching “The Last Waltz” when he was young and that memory being the moment that he wanted to be a musician. Soon thereafter, he and brother Cain begged their aunt and uncle for a drumset. Cain quickly picked up the drums and Cyle began singing, and their passion for music grew.

The Weeks began when the Barnes brothers were just starting high school in March 2006, however, the group wasn’t their first musical endeavor. According to Barnes, the brothers were a part of some abysmal punk rock bands when they were 11, that were so bad that Barnes said the band was mostly relegated to practices, having no real gigs in their short lifetimes. 

For the group’s upcoming album “Easy” due out April 7, The Weeks opted to escape Nashville’s vast music scene to record at Ardent Studios in Memphis in Sept. 2015. According to Barnes, the record contains fewer frills compared to the band’s past work, with the group wanting to get back to playing good rock ‘n’ roll music that people come to expect from The Weeks.

“We’d been on the road for so long touring and it’s hard to write while you’re doing that,” Barnes said. “We wanted to take some time off to devote time to writing, so we slumber-partied as a band a couple days a week for a few months working on new music.”

On March 17, The Weeks released the single “Bottle Rocket” off the upcoming record. The song features a meaty guitar riff and an energy that slowly builds up throughout each chorus, giving way to soulful synchronous vocals and later on a fiery guitar solo. Per Barnes, the song is about people with big personalities oozing with talent and their struggle to prove themselves and be the people they strive to be.

“Easy” is the fifth album from The Weeks and the first since 2014’s “Dear Bo Jackson”. Barnes says that while they’ve never crossed paths with former football and baseball All-Star athlete Bo Jackson, they know he has a copy of the record after running into his daughter Morgan on their travels. 

The Weeks will be kicking off their tour in support of “Easy” on March 30 at Cosmic Charlie’s. The group last performed in Lexington last August at Moontower Music Festival and will be joined for their upcoming show by The Lonely Biscuits. Music begins at 10 p.m. and tickets range from $12-15. You must be 21 or older to enter.

“Music has taught me the virtue of persistence and enjoying what you’re doing now,” Barnes said. “I’ve had more fun with this band and done more with this band, and it makes you feel good about sticking with people you met in high school into adulthood.”


The Weeks with The Lonely Biscuits

When: Thursday, March 30 – Doors 9 p.m., show 10 p.m.

Where: Cosmic Charlie’s – 723 National Ave.

Tickets: $12-15

*This event is 21+