UK students’ art featured at local gallery


LexArts Gallery 2

Alex Brinkhorst

Seven University of Kentucky students are featured in LexArts’ annual University Open competition and gallery.

The juried competition has been hosted annually since 2006 and features the artwork of Kentucky college students. This year’s guest juror was Matt Collinsworth, the director of the Kentucky Folk Art Center at Morehead State University.

Out of the 90 submissions gathered from an open call across the state, 42 artists were chosen to be a part of the gallery, according to ArtsPlace Communications Director Maury Sparrow.

UK digital media and design senior Jenave Barrett was selected for the gallery. Each participant had one to two pieces selected to be a part of the exhibit, Barrett said.

“I was exhilarated,” Barrett said. “I didn’t think my work was going to get in, and then when I found out I was just over the hills happy and excited.”

Barrett said the experience was difficult at first because she had never done a “big gallery exhibit” before.

“Once I got there everybody was incredibly nice, the exhibit was beautiful and I got to meet some new, great artists while I was there,” Barrett said.

Barrett said her submission piece, “Devastation Duo 1 of 2,” focused on the themes of “the effects of mankind on environmental issues” and “the destruction of our ecosystem and our animal life.”

“It was an amazing experience definitely for my age and being in college being able to do that,” Barrett said.

According to UKNow, the other UK students selected were arts administration junior Ashleigh Barks, art studio junior Edward Justice, art history and French and Francophone studies sophomore Madison Kelley, digital media and design senior Liz Moore, digital media and design senior Elliot Schiff, and digital media and design senior Andru Stone.

The art is on display in the ArtsPlace Gallery located in downtown Lexington.  The gallery is free to the public. It has been open since May 18 and will remain open until July 1.