College of CI announces new broadcasting space opening in Rupp Arena


Kendall Staton

An article from UKNow accompanied by a message by College of Communication and Information Dean Jennifer Greer announced on Wednesday that UK broadcasting and production facilities will be moving to a space in Rupp Arena.

In order to facilitate this move, a partnership has been formed with UK Athletics and JMI Sports, the company that handles UK’s media rights.

“Beyond simply moving our existing facilities, this space (shared 20,000 square feet among the three partners) will open up new partnerships in sports communication, media and promotion as we work alongside professionals with our partners in the space,” Greer said in the message.

The new space will be seen as a long-term home for the college, replacing the current facilities located in the Taylor Education Building. The new studio is on the ground level of the building, overlooking Triangle Park.

“Branding inside the facility will help bring awareness to the programs and to the great work of our community, which will help us continue to increase enrollment and financial support,” Greer said.

Representatives from each academic unit in the College of CI will serve on a committee planning for the space and ensure that it will be used to its full potential by every student and faculty member.