4 user-friendly apps to make students’ lives easier

Alex Brinkhorst

The internet has long been available as a marketplace for useful tools and unique websites designed to help us with our daily tasks, aid us on our commutes or even keep us safe.               

Some of these are considerably more valuable to students. This list is compiled of unique and free tools available to students via the internet. The main requirement to this list is that it is free or its free options are considered noteworthy and overall user-friendly.


LiveSafe is an IOS app that allows the user some peace of mind while they travel. When an account is made by providing your phone number or email, the user will be prompted to join an organization like UK. Once linked with UK, students can provide tips, review emergency procedures, get live UK Alerts and contact 911 or the University of Kentucky Police Department immediately. The other main feature to LiveSafe is the apps ability to let you see your friends’ locations or ask your friends to watch you by use of the GPS on your phone, essentially letting you and your friends keep track of one another. 


Malwarebytes is a free anti-malware program available to Windows, Mac and Android devices. In its free download form, the program will scan and allow you to root out any malicious programs you may have picked up. However, only the premium option allows for real time protection from attacks and blocks malicious websites, along with other features to defend from ransomware, a form of malware which encrypts your data and protects systems that relatively vulnerable.

MyStop Mobile

MyStop Mobile is an IOS app designed to help navigate bus routes with LexTran being a possible choice of buses. The app’s main features include selecting a route, which features real time bus locations along with the users location and a list of every LexTran stop and the approximate distance the user is from it. The direction feature is rather simple, redirecting you to a Google Maps link in Safari with the two locations you chose being preset and loading possible bus routes. The other features include notifications for your bus’s arrival, any service issues being announced and contacting transit authorities. 


Quizlet is a website and an IOS app created to help students study. While usable without an account, a user can view flashcards and review specific classes that you pick with several features, such as mock tests and basic questions to games like as a matching game and a time based asteroid game, all formulated to that set of cards. However, when a user creates a free account, several unique tools are available, such as creating class based study sets, joining or creating class based groups and viewing diagrams that range from anatomy to parts of a bicycle. Premium features include adding images to study sets, advertisement removal, unlimited groups and support.