A white nationalist ‘flash’ rally could be coming to Lexington

News Staff

A white nationalist organizer said the group may hold a flash rally in Lexington rather than a planned and announced event, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Traditionalist Worker Party Chairman Matthew Heimbach told the Herald-Leader that his and other groups may spontaneously protest the moving of two Confederate statues in Lexington.

Not publicly announcing the rally ahead of time may reduce the chance of counter-protesters.

Heimbach mentioned the flash rally when the Herald-Leader asked him whether a date had been chosen for the rally.

Last week, right-wingers in Boston planned a free speech rally, but far more people were there to counter-protest. About 40,000 people counter-protested, according to the Washington Post.

After the free speech rally was dwarfed by counter-protesters, an anti-Muslim group called ACT for America reportedly canceled 67 rallies around the nation, moving them online instead.