Perception artist brings magic to campus


Sean Emory performed in front of UK students at the Baptist Campus Ministry on Sept. 12.

Angel Logan

Everyone’s seen a cliché magic trick some time in their life, whether it be a card trick, a bunny from a hat or someone being sawed in half.

Sean Emory takes magic to a whole new level. Emory is a perception artist who uses his talents and exclusive magic tricks as a ministry to share his Christian faith.

Emory spent the past few days walking around campus, showing his illusions to students. On Tuesday evening, he performed at the Baptist Campus Ministry.

Emory said he began having trouble speaking properly at age 13. He spent eight months perfecting one card trick. As he shared his trick with others, his speech gradually came back.

From that point forward, Emory became a performer. Performing has been his full-time job for the past five years, he said. His primary audiences are high school and college students.

The majority of his performances are through churches or Christian ministries.

“My way of teaching the gospel isn’t the traditional approach,” Emory said.

He called himself a domestic missionary, though he has traveled to Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as all over the U.S. Emory said he has a heart for addressing the adoption needs in areas of poverty, and has been able to work closely with this through his ministry.

Emory’s magic has gone further than just his career. He proposed to his wife with one of his art forms. The proposal was caught on video and went viral. He was then invited to be on Good Morning America to talk about the video and the proposal.

He has also been involved with major shows like America’s Got Talent and Criss Angel Mindfreak.

This week, Emory brought a lot of magic to campus, but like any good magician, he can never reveal his secrets.