UK rabbi helps Harvey victims in Houston

Michael Ayers

A rabbi from the UK Jewish Student Center is doing his part to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.

Rabbi Shlomo Litvin has been volunteering with 50 rabbis from across the country since leaving for Houston on Sept. 12, according to a press release from the rabbi.

“The devastation is unreal,” Litvin said. “We had no choice.”

Litvin said he and other volunteers entered a Houston neighborhood that seemed empty. Litvin said a group of young illegal immigrants came out of buildings, after making sure the volunteers were not police officers.

He said one of them had on a Trump/Pence 2020 shirt that was given to him by someone.

“It wasn’t Democrats and Republicans,” Litvin said. “It was just people helping people.”

The volunteer effort is funded by the 1Mitzvah initiative. Philanthropist Nate Dalton funds the initiative. “Mitzvah” in Hebrew means commandment, or good deed done from religious duty.

“We are just happy to be able to add our little bit to all the Americans pitching in to help our neighbors,” Dalton said in the press release. “Our organization was founded on the simple idea that one good deed or mitzvah leads to another.”

“It’s heartwarming to see people from around the country come together to help others who are in need,” Litvin said.

A relief fund is taking donations here