pureLYFT offers energy alternative to tired students

Amanda Bryant

pureLYFT is coming to UK to rescue college students from dragging from class to class with an exhausted body after three hours of sleep, according to CEO and designer Erik Elfstrum.

Designed by CEO Erik Elfstrum and his partner, pureLYFT is an alternative to conventional energy boosts like energy drinks and coffee.

According to Elfstrum, pureLYFT is a natural caffeine supplement that can be quickly stirred into any drink and some foods, whether it be water, juice or yogurt with no additional change in taste.

While sitting in a New York lounge after a rough week at work, feeling drained and watching others fuel on energy drinks, Elfstrum said, “there has to be a better way.”

The trademarked Clean Caffeine inside of pureLYFT is a non-GMO composition of unroasted green coffee beans, less than one milligram of Stevia and vitamins A and B complex, the pureLYFT website said.

According to the website, the pureLYFT stick is compact and able to be dropped into any backpack or purse. To use, peel the protective seal, drop the stick in your drink and stir.

Elfstrum said pureLYFT shines as a substitute for students who want the caffeine but despise the taste of coffee in any form.

One student did not see the need for a change.

“I’d rather go to Starbucks,” Kelly Pohlman, a horticulture, plant and soil sciences freshman, said.

Mid-day crashes are commonly associated with popular energy drinks, leaving their users regretting their decision. However, Elfstrum said pureLYFT has no mid-day crash.

Elfstrum said pureLYFT can be used within normal suggested caffeine consumption levels without concern. One pureLYFT stick is measured as a full cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine, which is about 125 mg.

Many college students feel that safety is the deciding factor as to whether they would use an energy boosting product.

“If there’s no harm in using the pureLYFT stick, then I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Joshua Hamilton, a health sciences sophomore, said.

pureLYFT also offers student work opportunities.

Elfstrum said Student Ambassadors is a program created by pureLYFT to connect with students on campus and allow them the opportunity to gain marketing experience as well as job experience. pureLYFT student ambassadors work through social media to promote the brand and create marketing campaigns which can offer compensation.

Any student can become a pureLYFT ambassador; the job is done completely through online communication which means no traveling is required. Students who wish to apply can do so at the purelyft.com.

pureLYFT is being offered as an in-store product to about 2,000 college campuses throughout the country. The UK Bookstore has pureLYFT available at the counter for $2.99.