Distinguished journalism alumni meet with students

Kaitlyn Skovran

UK Alumni came to share a meal and advice to future graduates of the School of Journalism and Media at the Hillary J. Boone Center on Thursday afternoon.

Among the distinguished alumni was Dr. Lee B. Becker (1969), Dana R. Canedy (1988), Nancy L. Green (1964), Jim Host (1961), Tom Leach (1983), Larry Patrick (1972), John Voskuhl (1986) and Carl West (1966), who was represented by Dick Wilson.

The event was hosted by the faculty of the UK School of Journalism and Media in the College of Communication and Information, and chose these eight alumni based on their significant contributions to their communities and professions.

Interim head of the journalism school and professor Mike Farrell said the purpose of the luncheon was to not only recognize the accomplishments of the graduates of the school but also to make them accessible to students.

“Our goal is for each of you to leave here inspired to pursue your dreams, to impact your community and profession in the amazing way these alumni have,” Farrell said.

Canedy, who is now the Administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, told students what she believed were the 10 ways to succeed, starting with mastering the basics of your profession. Knowing how to do the minimum is a must.

Canedy also told students that UK was a great school to get training from and cited several professors who she gives credit to her training. For Canedy, it was an honor coming back to UK, where she hopes her words will inspire someone. Her advice didn’t stop there 

“I hope I say something that helps a student, perhaps encourage them to have more confidence to continue along their career path, and serve as an example that if I can do it, so can you,” Canedy said.

Wilson, who was representing Carl West, was one of the first to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award in April 2017. Journalism degrees, Wilson said, are the most versatile degrees to have, citing many students who have gone on to use their degrees in other fields such as law. 

The Distinguished Alumni Awards was created to annually recognize graduates from the school. Thursday evening in the William T. Young Auditorium the State of the First Amendment Address will be made in celebration of the First Amendment. There, the Alumni’s will receive their awards for their outstanding work in journalism and contributions they have made in their communities.