UK students weigh in on new iPhones

Alex Brinkhorst

The next iPhones, models 8 and X, were announced during Apple’s last keynote earlier in the month.

UK students reacted with excitement, indifference or concerns about the new models. The iPhone 8 was released Sept. 22, while the iPhone X will not be available until Nov. 3.

Architecture freshman Kirsten Sexton said she is not really excited about the new features.

“I’d say the only thing I am excited about is the camera to be honest,” she said.  “I don’t like the face recognition thing, I think they should keep the home button and I always hated no headphone jack.”

Marketing and accounting sophomore Immanual Aleman, on the other hand, likes the facial recognition feature.

“I think it’s cool how the iPhone X is taking it to the next level with the face ID; however, it brings up some concerns,” Aleman said. “That’s the next level of privacy and if that gets to the wrong people, that could kind of put some people in a hole.”

Speech therapy freshman Emily Shupe was excited to possibly getting an iPhone 8 when it was released.

“The 8 I like because it has the all glass and wireless charging, which I am hyped about it,” Shupe said.

Shupe said she prefers the 8 because she does not like the screen on the X.

Psychology freshman Tiera Turner a freshman psychology major said that while she is not really excited about the new phones, she is excited about iOS 11, the new software update.

“I just feel like they come out with the same phone each year,” Turner said.

Marketing and finance sophomore Destin Bell said he is rather neutral about the new iPhones.

“A phone’s a phone,” he said.