Greek life: The missing piece of my puzzle

Matt Hasty

When I transferred here from Jefferson Community and Technical College last fall, I felt like the new kid on the block. Even though campus is huge, I felt like an outsider. Of course you meet people in your classes, but I felt like something was missing.

When I arrived at Kentucky, I, like many unaffiliated people before me, saw Greek life as something that would be detrimental and disastrous to my GPA. Greek life, to me, was nothing more than people constantly partying and getting into all kinds of trouble. Imagine movies like “Frat Star” and “American Pie: Beta House.” Those films reflected my views on Greek Life.

The one thing I truly admired about fraternities and sororities was the concept of closeness between fellow members. I respected the view of friendship between the brothers of fraternities and sisters of sororities. I yearned for the taste of that kind of friendship.

My roommate was pledging a fraternity the fall semester I transferred to UK. I would drive him crazy asking questions about fraternities and what happened in them. On the outside, I was an unaffiliated student in my junior year, who was going to classes and work, then going home. But on the inside, I was intrigued by Greek life, and I felt that I wanted to join.

Fast forward to this fall, I filled out the application for IFC, and I began my search for the right fraternity for me. I had no idea what fraternity I wanted to be a part of. So, I went to White Hall Night, expecting to be there all three hours, talking to a lot of fraternities. I went to see the brothers of Beta Upsilon Chi first, because they were the first room I came across that night. I talked to them, and I felt in my heart and soul that Beta Upsilon Chi was the right fraternity for me.

Beta Upsilon Chi has tremendous and outstanding values that I agreed with and I loved how they believed in God. As a Christian, I felt like this fraternity would bring out the best man that my family wants me to be. I always strive to be a positive role model for my two younger nieces, Clarissa and Scarlette, and I believed that Beta Upsilon Chi would help me be that for them.

At this point, I have realized the true purpose of fraternities and sororities: a sense of community and mutual improvement of character. Greek Life helps people bring out the best in themselves and others, and this is a view I didn’t grasp until I became a part of it.

If anyone out there is feeling alone, scared and in need of friends like I once felt, I truly encourage you to consider the opportunity that fraternities and sororities offer you to build camaraderie.

Don’t be scared to fail at this, because in the end, you will most likely be a much happier and better person than you were before.