Cats keep rolling as they sweep Texas A&M


Avery Skinner spikes the ball during the match against Texas A&M on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in Lexington, Ky. Kentucky won 3-0. Photo by Chase Phillips | Staff

Keyera Jackson

Kentucky volleyball extended their winning streak to 14 matches on Sunday afternoon after UK swept the Aggies in 3-0 match series (25-19, 25-18, 25-17).

The Aggies gained an early lead over the Cats but a kill from Avery Skinner set the momentum for the Cats. 

Following Skinner’s kill, four other players were able to connect to the floor and Kentucky established an advantage over the Aggies from those plays.

However, the Aggies battled back with a well-balanced offense, and Kiara McGee of Texas A&M contributed back-to-back kills for her team, trying to get a rhythm going. 

UK took advantage of the Aggies not being able to set their offense up as they attacked the Aggies with hard-hitting balls from different players all over the front net.

UK’s offense was unstoppable and a lead of five sent the Aggies into a timeout. After the timeout Kentucky was still able to connect to the floor and they finished the first set with a win.

Going into the second set, Kentucky did what they do best, which is setting their hitters up for one-on-one opportunities against the opposing team. This strategy earned Kentucky a lead early in the second set.

After a timeout by the Aggies, Kentucky came back out still with the advantage, but their defense also was a key after a block slowed the offense of the Aggies.

After that, the Aggies were sending free balls to Kentucky’s offense and they were taken advantage of those plays. Kentucky’s hitters were hitting the ball out of position and that ability of the Cats was hard to defend for the Aggies.

Kentucky won the second set and they carried that unstoppable balanced offense into the third set and went on a 3-0 run over the Aggies.

Kentucky was in rhythm with their offense and started to run away with the third set after a kill from Darien Mack, Kentucky was up 11-6 over the Aggies. 

McGee still fighting to keep her team within reach of the Cats and she delivered a kill for the Aggies 24-16, then on the next play she contributed a block trying to slow Kentucky down. 

However, Kentucky kept their balance and ended the third set with a win.

Two players for the Cats posted double digit kills, Skinner with 12 and Leah Edmond with 11.

The Cats will return home for a game against the Florida Gators on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m.