A look behind the lens of RMSVisuals


Image provided by Ryan Sharon

Emmanuel Flemister

Working with prolific artists like Travis Scott, Future, Logic, Joey Bada$$ and many more may seem like a dream for some, but for one Lexington native it is a reality.

Ryan Sharon, 21, also known as RMSVisuals, is a photographer and videographer living what many would call the dream.

Growing up right outside of Lexington in Nicholasville, Sharon was a “regular kid” taking up great passion in sports like soccer and basketball. He had originally wanted to pursue a career in soccer until his senior year at Tates Creek High School. Sharon had taken a photography class in which he found great success.

“It completely changed the direction I knew I wanted to go in, I knew I had a true talent,” Sharon said.

His main goal is to expand his portfolio by working with artists at concerts around the region. His reach doesn’t stop in Lexington – he has been as far Atlanta, Georgia, and Richmond, Virginia, just to have the opportunity to work concert venues or shoot music videos.

“You can never catch him without his camera, it’s like if he got detached from it, he’d die,” said Norrin Nicholas, UK junior and good friend of Sharon’s.

One thing Sharon said separates him from other photographers is not only his attention to detail but also how important the natural settings are.

“I’d rather try to capture the real beauty of picture and make it seem like you were seeing it with your own two eyes,” Sharon said. 

You’ll find Sharon up late at night on his laptop going through the day’s photos or videos, trying to get them as near perfect as possible. He said he shoots more than 500 photos in one night at a concert and narrows them down to fewer than 100 good ones for everyone else to see.

Like many, photography was once just a hobby for Sharon, but over time he knew he wanted to make it something he would do for a living. Sharon finds himself dabbling into more avenues than just photos and videos. He co-founded a collective called ModernArt!, with other creatives in hopes of making a clothing brand, skate team, and even a record label from the ground up.           

Sticking true to his roots, Sharon is willing to work with nearly anyone who appreciates what he has to offer as a photographer. He still does shoots with just about anyone around the region, just looking to have quality pictures whether it is concerts, parties, weddings, proms, graduations or even people just looking to have a nice picture to post on their social media accounts. 

Hoping to make it big with his talents behind the lens, Sharon said he knows he has a long way to go but he’s ready for the journey ahead.