Annual Crunch Brunch event will allow student to destress from finals

Sarah Ladd

Finals week is here, which means stress levels are high around campus. The Student Activities Board is coming to the rescue with one of its favorite annual events, Crunch Brunch.

Crunch Brunch has been a UK tradition for years and serves as a break from finals for students. It is designed to help students wind down after a tough semester. There will be a guest DJ, free massages from massage therapists, Pinterest do-it-yourself projects, inflatables, lots of games, and, what is perhaps everyone’s favorite: free breakfast food and free long sleeve t-shirts.

For the first time this year, there will be a “Best Pajama Contest.” Students have always attended in pajamas, so SAB decided to make it a fun contest and encourage everyone to get creative with their PJs. There are no stipulations on the pajamas except that they be appropriate, meaning no lingerie. Guest DJ Warren Peace will judge the contest, and the winner will receive a special surprise.

The event will follow a very informal schedule. When students first arrive, they will get their breakfast foods. After that, they can roam between activity stations as they please.

Kristen Smith, director of public relations for SAB, said this event is designed to be a study break to help take finals off of students’ minds. But it’s also just a part of the whole college experience, she said.

“When you look back on your college years, yeah, you’ll remember finals week, but you can also remember that you had a fun time during college week,” she said.

She said that it’s all the stuff students do outside of the classroom that truly enhances the college experience and helps students make lifelong memories with their peers.

Crunch Brunch will be held on Dec. 12 from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. in Memorial Coliseum. For more information, visit SAB’s Facebook page @UKSAB or call the organization at (859) 257-8868.