How to stay healthy through the holidays

Belle Kendrick

Thanksgiving break was not just a teaser for the long-awaited Christmas break, but rather the beginning to holiday feasting.

Being home for the holidays throws off both your workout and eating routine, but it gives you time to relax and take a step back from school.

Everyone can attest that their eating and workout habits dwindle and change as soon as the holidays come around. There are always delectable desserts and mounds of food to keep eating, and it’s hard to keep up with your exercise because of everything going on.

Instead of eating everything in your parent’s fridge, buying your own groceries from the store for your everyday meals will help you stay on track to being healthy. With the stressfulness of the holiday season, the best way to keep yourself feeling well is to eat healthy and take care of your body.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, the holiday season is stressful. With going to relatives’ houses and catching up with other friends from home, sometimes all people need is a break. Instead of worrying about the get-togethers and family homecomings, separate yourself and take that much-needed break from reality first, then spend time with the people who you actually want to visit.

The holiday season is arguably the easiest time to gain weight and fall from your regular workout routine. Although exercising one hour a day is the most desirable, any sort of physical activity will make you feel healthier. Putting healthier foods into your body and participating in some sort of workout will help you feel enhanced and relaxed throughout the holidays.

Bailey Halpin, a pre-dental sophomore who has been patiently awaiting the holiday season, has begun to figure out how to keep up with her same eating and workout habits throughout the various holiday breaks.

“I became a member at a gym near my house so that I can wake up and workout just like I do at school,” Halpin said. “I also put some of my own groceries on the list at home to keep up with my good eating habits, as well.”

After all, holiday break is all about relaxing, and what better way to destress yourself than by eating healthy and taking a rest? By making your own schedule, like you have during school, you can help yourself stay in your regular workout and healthy eating routine.

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