All UK students invited to NPHC 101

Anyia Hall

A Greek Council is hosting an information event as part of a week-long informational kickoff to recruitment.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council promotes unity and fellowship among the several historically African-American Greek organizations on campus. During NPHC week, UK students have the opportunity to learn more about the organizations that they may want to join. On Wednesday, Jan. 31, NPHC 101 will be held in Whitehall in room 106 at 6 p.m.

At this event, students should prepare questions for a panel made up of members of NPHC organizations. Students who are interested in joining an NPHC organization are required to attend the 101 event, even if they attended the event last semester. Organizations will also be showcasing themselves in videos for the attendees. This will help students learn everything they need to know before they express their interest.

NPHC recruitment can be a brand new experience for some students. Internal Program Chair for NPHC executive board Imani Conwell said students should follow the organizations on social media to keep up with what is going on in the different groups and so they don’t miss out on any events.

“If you aren’t in an NPHC organization yet, you should come to our events that are being held on campus and show your face, so people involved will want to get to know you,” Conwell said. “We are people too, and we are all more than just our letters.”  

NPHC has a GPA requirement. Each individual organization also has its own separate GPA requirements for students who are interested in joining the specific organization. Scholarship and community is important to each organization within the NPHC.

Students who are thinking of joining should take the process seriously and should be considerate to the people who are already involved by not being too forward about their interest. One should not boast about any interests that they have in the organizations because the organization has to also be interested in that particular student. The NPHC supports togetherness, so students should be open-minded when they attempt to join an organization.

The NPHC 101 event will cover more in-depth information on the separate organizations and what students need to do to begin their expressing of interest.