New year, new semester, new GPA

Megan Brown

It’s the season of college students’ New Year’s resolutions to avoid procrastination and improve their GPA’s from last semester. Students will enter the year revived with dreams of A’s and a determination to avoid doing assignments last minute.

However, over time, exams, essays and projects will start to pile up, overwhelming students who do not have the resources they need to succeed.

UK understands this is a common feeling among students and provides year round services to not only help with academic needs but also provide reprieves and much needed study breaks.

One of the best resources on campus for essay writing help is The Writing Center. The Writing Center offers one-on-one peer tutoring where students can get essays proofread, receive tips on how to make essays longer and even get help with APA formatting.

The Writing Center also has online tutoring where students can upload documents, ask questions and get feedback without having to go in person. For students looking to improve their writing and boost their GPA, this free writing service can be a valuable resource.

The Writing Center is located in the Hub of William T. Young Library and students can make an appointment by visiting

Another useful service for study help on campus is Presentation U. From core classes up until 500 level major courses, students will need to effectively deliver information through a presentation.

Presentation U allows students to practice their presentation in front of a person and receive crucial feedback about the content and delivery to ensure they get a high grade. Along with the Writing Center, Presentation U is located in the Hub of the library and appointments can be made at

UK also has a service for math, science and business courses. The Study is student staffed and equipped to accommodate over 15 classes on UK’s campus with two locations on North and Central campus. The study provides help with homework along with tutoring before big tests. For more information about what classes The Study provides tutoring for and hours visit

Studying is obviously correlated with academic success, but without taking breaks can have adverse effects. The Counseling Center located in Frazee Hall offers a variety of programs to help students relax and destress throughout the semester.

For example, the center hosts workshops with stress relieving activities such as meditation on Wednesdays and yoga on Thursdays. There also is a relaxation room complete with massage chairs and light boxes which students can use if they are experiencing seasonal depression.

Seasonal depression can occur when the weather gets colder and it gets darker outside earlier, but light boxes work to combat the negative effects of this.

Do not be the person that slips back into their old study habits three weeks into the semester. Take advantage of these resources, so you can be proactive about your grades this semester and excel throughout the year.