Set small goals to reach a big one

Belle Kendrick

What’s the easiest thing to plan, but the hardest to go through with? Of course it’s New Year’s Resolutions. These dreaded goals that everyone sets after the holidays always sound like an amazing idea, until the actual time comes.

As much as everyone dislikes seeing the Johnson Center completely full and racing to find an open machine, many people begin fulfilling their resolutions as they enter the school year.

As far as the Johnson Center and other gyms go, staying packed for the entire year after New Year’s season doesn’t exactly happen. Many times people begin to give up on their exercise resolutions as little as a month after the start of the new year.

The easiest way to stick to your resolutions for the year is to make them reasonable. If you haven’t gone to the gym the entire year and tell yourself you will go every day, then you will just end up getting burnt out on going and most likely give up on your resolution all together.

Instead of making a drastic change, take steps to set the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve.

Laura Rosselit, a nursing major at UK, gave some good input on different ways you can ease your body into fulfilling your resolutions. Rosselit explained that when you set small goals for yourself throughout the year, it will eventually lead to a big accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment within yourself.

“It’s better for your mind and body to make steps that you can reach, and then create an final goal that those steps help you achieve,” Rosselit said.

Although making New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to get yourself on track to eating healthy and exercising daily, the last thing anyone wants is to get too overwhelmed by the task they are taking on.

Instead of pushing yourself as hard as you possibly can to go to the gym every day for the first time since last New Year’s, try to set smaller goals for yourself to ultimately meet one big goal.