A garden fit for a dorm room: SAB event teaches DIY terrarium craft


Sophomores Kaitlyn Grant (left) and Allie Forshee are excited about creating their terrariums on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 in Lexington, Ky. The Terrarium workshop has been a popular activity since it began last semester. Photo By Genna Melendez | Staff

Genna Melendez

Several UK students have grown a green thumb after attending the Student Activity Board’s terrarium workshop in Holmes Hall Tuesday night.

Terrariums are a creative way for students to decorate their dorms, apartments or houses while also adding natural flair. With their rising popularity and easy-care regimen, they are a great fit for the busy lifestyle of a college student, said Katie Creech, the event organizer.

“It was a really good turnout last semester, and it went by so fast,” Creech said. “We ran out of supplies, so we bought a lot more this semester.”

As a past member of FFA and educated in floriculture and greenhouse tech, Creech was very eager to share her knowledge with other students.

Upon arrival, the workshop students were given glass containers to create their terrariums. From there, soil and pebbles are added to the bottom of the container. Lastly, students were able to choose the type of plant they wanted to grow.

“It’s my first time at a terrarium workshop,” said freshman Kiana Norworthy. “I had never heard of a terrarium before.”

Students that attended were excited about learning how to create their own terrarium.

“We hope to have some fun tonight,” said freshman Brianna Bellomo, who came with Norworthy. “It’s a nice way to get out and enjoy the campus.”

While building their terrariums, sophomores Allie Forshee and Kaitlyn Grant were enthusiastic about trying a new activity and getting to personalize it at the same time.

While most of the students attending were going for a night with friends, graduate student Keegan Smith had different motives for attending the workshop.

“I’m doing research for my plant study,” he said. “I’ve also made terrariums before.”

Creech said it was her first time leading the event. SAB hosted the event last fall and “thought we would bring it back for a second season.” The continuing popularity of the workshop has students hopeful for more in future.