Underground UK: Mad Mike’s is the destination for American-styled munchies


Mad Mike’s is an all-American food truck based in Lexington.

Megan Brown

Lexington locals looking for all-American classics like burgers and fries can crunch their cravings at the popular Mad Mike’s Food Truck.

“I’ve tried to make other items but people gravitate towards our badass burgers,” said Mad Mike, owner of the food truck.

Along with this customer favorite, the restaurant also serves cheddar tots, buffalo chicken wings and chili cheese dogs. The food truck has an onion ring basket and special items such as the “DUA burger,” which is not on the menu but customers can ask for it by name as well.

Mad Mike’s Food Truck has been in business for three years and has been serving fresh food ever since.

“We will never serve a frozen or prepared burger, ever,” Mad Mike said.

Customers can expect to get a high-quality burger every time they visit the truck. Mad Mike strives to create an exceptional mobile dining experience which is why the food is higher-priced, but according to Mad Mike it’s worth it.

Mad Mike values quality as much as quickness which can be seen in his unique ability to serve up to 100 customers an hour. Another notable quality of the truck is Mad Mike’s “never ending search for the perfect burger.” He said he works tirelessly to perfect burgers and refuses to put out anything for his customers that he would not eat. The effort does not go unnoticed because Mad Mike’s Food Truck is one of the most popular in Lexington.

While Lexington is not the most competitive city to own a food truck in, meaning Mad Mike can’t stay open year-round, he stays local for one critical reason.

“The best part about Lexington is the people. Serving others is what I am passionate about,” Mad Mike said.

However, Mad Mike explained he will have to relocate to Texas or Florida if the food truck culture in Lexington does not improve. He said UK and the city need to do a better job of supporting food trucks.

Running a food truck is a passion Mad Mike has been pursuing for a while, and that is something he implores students to chase after with whatever goals they have in their lives. He explained the importance of students working in career fields that make them happy rather than just doing career they don’t enjoy for money.

“Start a business as soon as possible, your passion and ideas are your biggest assets,” Mad Mike said.

Mad Mike’s Food Truck has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook and raving reviews from customers who love the outstanding food and exceptional service, which is the standard Mad Mike upholds. Customers can visit Mad Mike’s Facebook page to discover where it will be located next.

Mad Mike’s Food Truck next location will be at Daily Offerings’ grand opening and Barista Competition on March 8.