Drink green tea instead of coffee; it’s better for you



Belle Kendrick

Most college students need some kind of pick-me-up at some point in their hectic week. Coffee, the usual go-to for college students, may be the caffeine you want to wake you up every morning, but it isn’t the best way to start your day.

While going to your favorite coffee shop and grabbing your usual coffee may be the easiest option for most people, drinking green tea is a healthier option for your body to consume. 

Green tea is an amazing supplement for coffee when you need something to boost you to finish your day. Since green tea contains less caffeine than the normal cup of coffee, your body will reap the benefits.

If you’re looking for heart healthy forms of caffeine, green tea is your next go-to. Aside from being a healthier source of caffeine, green tea is heart healthy as well. Green tea has also shown to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure because of the nutrients and compounds enclosed in it. 

Without needed caffeine throughout the day, green tea can still be your go-to drink of choice. Holding anti-inflammatory nutrients, green tea will sooth aches you may have with the antioxidants that are encompassed it.

Katie Ellis, a nutrition major at UK, gave some insight on how green tea holds many benefits for the body.

“Aside from the nutrients your body receives from green tea, it also helps a lot with allergies,” Ellis said. “Believe it or not, green tea helps itchy eyes and stuffy nose, and in some cases, the antioxidants in green tea have the ability to get rid of those allergies all together.” 

If you’re a student and have a huge work load ahead of you, headaches may definitely be prominent in your everyday lifestyle. Luckily green tea helps with those as well. Because green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory, it may be able to ease the pain of your headaches. 

Aside from the internal health advantages people receive by consuming green tea, there are also ways that your body can visibly see the benefits. With benefits for your skin, hair and teeth, there is no reason that you shouldn’t add green tea to your everyday intake.

Learning more about green tea and the health benefits you get from it, I have been more than convinced to keep up with my switch from coffee to green tea. Instead of walking into Starbucks and grabbing a coffee when I need it, I’ve become more accustomed to ordering green tea instead.

Green tea holds way too many advantages for your body that other drinks don’t, so adding it to your routine will bring many benefits to your daily life.