First downloadable content for Call of Duty WW2 does not meet high expectations



Dalton Stokes

The first Call of Duty WW2 DLC (downloadable content), Resistance, is out and I have to say that I am not impressed. Resistance released Jan. 30 on the PlayStation 4 and March 1 on the Xbox One.

So far, the best thing that I can say about it is that the Resistance DLC is refreshing. It offers new content that helps slow down the process of tiring of the gameplay. It adds three additional standard multiplayer maps and one new war mode map. It also adds a brand new zombies map.

Most COD DLCs give us five new multiplayer maps. This one gives us four. Also, I found it off putting that the DLC didn’t add any new weapons to the game. The event leading up to the DLC is where they released the weapons where people had to work for the new content on the game.

So, it’s nearly impossible to get those weapons unless you were playing during the event. If you started playing COD again for the DLC, then you didn’t get the resistance weapons.  

Players can acquire these weapons, but only in a random supply drop which Sledgehammer, the developer, just so happens to also sell to the players. So, basically the player pays $15 for four maps, a zombies map and weapons that require work or additional money to acquire.

This is most definitely a marketing strategy by Sledgehammer and Activision, the parent company that owns Call of Duty, to push microtransactions in their game. This shows that they have no problem following the newest money making scheme in the gaming industry where they make things hard to acquire by working for them in game and making them easy to buy with money.

The new nazi zombies map, The Darkest Shore, is placed on a shady island that is occupied by the Nazis and has a long history of supernatural things. The map itself is cool. My biggest criticism of it is that it simply doesn’t really move the bar one way or another.  

The new map features the new weapons from the Resistance event and a new upgraded melee weapon that replaces the default shovel. The saw can be later upgraded to launch saw blades that bounce off of surfaces. I supposed that this was meant to be the wonder weapon for the map, which seems kind of bland to me.

I was really looking forward to a really cool, new and fresh wonder weapon, which Sledgehammer kind of failed to deliver on. Also, the map’s easter egg is extremely long, convoluted and not very rewarding. It’s really not even worth the trouble because nothing extremely cool happens like in the first map.

This is why I’m not satisfied with the Resistance DLC. It’s simply just not extraordinary. COD WW2 was pretty extraordinary on launch. It broke the mold for COD games. With this zombies map, and really the DLC as a whole, we aren’t seeing that kind of ambition. We aren’t seeing Sledgehammer really attempt to break the mold.

I had high hopes for this DLC; I hoped they would keep the pace they set at launch. If Sledgehammer continues down this path, I can’t see them being as extraordinary as I think much of the gaming community expected and it is reasonable to think they may lose a portion of their fanbase.