Calipari’s visit to a Boise donut shop brings joy to owner


Boise native BJ Martin places her order at DK’s Donuts on Friday, March 16, 2018, in Boise, Idaho. Kentucky head coach John Calipari visited the donut shop multiple times while in Boise for the NCAA tournament. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Part of John Calipari’s routine in Lexington is to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts every morning and pick up a coffee, but when UK travels away from Kentucky for basketball games, Calipari is forced to switch things up.

Calipari’s plan in Boise, Idaho, involved making visits to D K Donuts, which now seems to be one of his favorite donut shops in the country.

“We went to D K’s Donuts. I am not a donut eater, but I ate some of those donuts,” Calipari said on Wednesday after his first visit to the donut shop.

Angkearot Long is the owner of the D K Donut shop in downtown Boise, and when Calipari came for a visit on Wednesday, Long wasn’t in the store.

“I just missed him, I walked out and then he walked in,” Long said. “I didn’t know he was coming until like 4:30 when my friend texted me, ‘Coach came to your donut shop.’”

Long said he watches college basketball and is a fan of Calipari and the Cats. He was disappointed he didn’t get the chance to meet Calipari, and wished he had stayed in the store just a tad bit longer to catch the Hall of Fame coach on his visit to the donut shop.

Fast forward to the next day, and Long was starting the day like he usually would at D K Donuts: making tasty pastries for his customers. While making donuts, a customer walked through the door, and Long immediately recognized the man in the black jacket.

It was Calipari. 

“I was so excited, I was very happy,” Long said. “I’m a fan of him and also his basketball team.” 

After introducing himself to Calipari and shaking his hand, Long immediately took Calipari’s order. It was a big order for Long to fill, as Calipari wanted to try all the specialty items on the menu. 

“He was trying all kinds of donuts, he was trying the bacon one, the crown and also my apple fritter,” Long said.

Calipari would go on to try many more donuts on the menu, such as the bowtie and maple chocolate donut. Calipari was also there with a large group, so they would cut the donut up and split it among the group.

By the end, Calipari ate more donuts than Long expected.

“It caught me off-guard because I was trying to figure out what he likes, but he ate all my donuts,” Long said.

Long would have likely never gotten the opportunity to meet Calipari if it weren’t for an opportunity from the old owner of the Boise store. 

Long has been working for D K Donuts since he first arrived in the United States in 2001. Long first got his start working at a donut shop in Long Beach, California, but he’s also worked in Texas, Florida and Oklahoma. 

Not long after starting his career with D K Donuts, Long happened to notice an ad in the community newspaper for a job opening at the donut shop in Boise. Shortly afterwards, the old owner of the Boise donut shop called Long and asked if he’d be interested in the job.

“Next day I fly to Boise, and then I was interviewed and then on Feb. 14 I came to Boise to take over the shop on Feb. 14, 2004,” Long said.

Long has been the owner of the Boise donut shop ever since, and also owns another donut shop in Arizona. Long has had a memorable career with D K Donuts, but Calipari visiting his store is one of the top memories.

Long hopes that the increased attention due to Calipari’s kind words about D K Donuts will bring in more customers, but he’s just happy the Hall of Fame coach enjoyed his visit to the donut shop.

“I think the people will visit more because now people know more about the donut shop in Boise and I’m glad they like my donut shop,” Long said.