UK could win a Cardi B concert from Tinder. Seriously.

News Staff

Popular rapper Cardi B could be making her way to UK this month. 

Tinder, the often-used dating app where users swipe yes or no on suggested local love interests, is hosting the #SwipeOff challenge this month where the schools with the heaviest Tinder use compete for a semester-end Cardi B concert.

The competition, which is in a March-Madness-style playoff bracket, began on March 30, with a field of 64 schools, and according to Tinder’s Twitter page, UK has advanced to the round of 32. 

According to the competition’s official rules, the school with the most right swipes on the Tinder app gets the free concert. For the right swipes to count, the participants have to be on campus.

The round of 32 will end on Thursday, and the schools that advance will be announced by Tinder. The winning school will be announced on April 18.

“The school with the most right swipes will be blessed with Cardi B’s ferocious flow (and probably another iconic dress),” a press release detailing the competition said. “So, keep trying to out-right-swipe the competition to advance to the next round.”