UK student works hard, raps on Soundcloud


Will Torres, also known as “TrillWill,” raps during a concert at the Burl. 

Matt Jones

Many students have difficulty balancing time between their passions, work, social life and school work. To ask many of them to produce multiple full length mixtapes while juggling all of this would be an arduous, even impossible task.

This is not the case for public health senior Will Torres, who is a SoundCloud rapper.

Under the name “TrillWill,” he regularly posts mixtapes and singles that he gets professionally mixed at a local recording studio on SoundCloud.

He got his start in 2012 and didn’t need much to get started– just some music recording software, a microphone and mic stand and a pop filter.

However, shortly after starting making music, he stopped, frustrated and unsure of what sound he wanted to go for. Once he started his senior year, he suddenly found inspiration again.

“Now that I felt like I’ve gotten older and heard more music, I have a better depiction of what I want my sound to be,” Torres said.

In addition to taking 13 credit hours this semester, he works 37 hours a week at Glean KY. He also has a job at the Red Mile, which can add around 10 hours to his schedule per week.

“It’s hard, honestly. My social life is probably gets the least attention but I just feel like I’m in a mind state to grind it out and focus on my future. Friends will come and go. It’s all about planning,” Torres said. “Putting my work and school schedule on a calendar helps me organize what needs to be done. Since it’s hard to find free time, I usually use downtime between classes or bus ride times to write music and stuff.”

Torres’ roommate Andres Calleja can attest to his work ethic, and how he is always working hard in his room. Calleja said he is almost always hearing hip-hop beats coming from his room, indicating that Torres is working on his music.

“Most of the time I don’t see him for days, which is pretty funny considering that his room is about two feet from mine. He’s a very hard worker,” Calleja said.

Currently, Torres is hard at work on more music for his followers to enjoy.

Visit his SoundCloud with all his current music here.