It is time to stop avoiding peas

Belle Kendrick

It’s not an unfamiliar vegetable, but it may be the most underrated one. Peas are a protein packed and weight loss effective vegetable that everyone should add to their diet.

Being a tiny nutrition powerhouse, peas can be added to many recipes to add a kick to your meal, and you can eat them raw, steamed, dry or even crispy. There is no reason to not add peas to your daily diet because there are countless ways to consume them so that you may enjoy this little snack. 

One of the most appealing aspects of peas are that they can help with weight loss diets. Peas are low fat and low in calories as well. When you’re in need of a little snack, peas are the perfect way to go. 

There’s never a bad time to begin taking precautions for your heart, and green peas help with just that. There are antioxidants contained in peas that help support blood vessels in your body. With both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in peas, your heart will reap the benefits.

Although some people do think that peas aren’t the most flavorful, there are many different ways to prepare them to your best taste. With the ability to sauté, boil or add to any dish for more flavor, peas are an easy way to sneak some healthy foods into your diet. 

Aside from the internal benefits peas have for your body, there are many external benefits as well. Believe it or not, peas are an amazing source of Vitamin C, which helps keep your skin firm. Eating peas can potentially help prevent wrinkles and give you the glowing skin you want.

Peas hold many benefits for your hair to keep it looking healthy. The Vitamin C in peas helps with hair follicle growth and keeps your hair strong. 

Neda Manouchehri, a human nutrition major at UK, has learned about the benefits of peas and gave an informed opinion on why she thinks people should add them to their everyday diet.

“Peas are so easy to add into your diet because they really don’t taste like much, so you can add them in to any meal without realizing they are there,” Manouchehri said. “I didn’t start eating peas until last year when I began to learn about them, and now I eat them with almost every meal.”

Peas hold many benefits for your body both internally and externally. With the benefits to your heart, skin, hair and immune system, peas are essential to add to your daily diet. Without changing any of your diet dramatically, peas can be added to any meal you have already been consuming.

Peas are an easy snack to have in between meals instead of eating unhealthy foods such as potato chips. With the ability to add them into many different types of meals, there is no reason to keep avoiding peas. If you’re looking for a change in your diet, start with something simple, like peas, to ease you into a healthier lifestyle.