Former UK professor suing UK for allegedly not stopping harassing conduct in the workplace


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Bailey Vandiver

A former UK professor of cardiothoracic surgery is suing the university, alleging that UK “did nothing to stop” harassing conduct he suffered due to his national origin, reported the Lexington Herald-Leader

The professor and surgeon is Dr. Alberto de Hoyos, who was born in Mexico. The lawsuit, which seeks damages and “equitable relief, including reinstatement,” was filed Monday, according to the Herald-Leader.

According to the lawsuit, UK medical residents were told to hit a bull piñata among other things, which created a “campaign of harassment based on his national origin.” Other methods of harassment included calling de Hoyos names and advising other residents not to work with him, the Herald-Leader reported. 

A physician identified in the suit as Dr. Angela Mahan apparently participated in the harassment with the piñata, but de Hoyos is suing only the university.

De Hoyos was first hired at UK in December of 2015 and resigned in September of 2016.

UK spokesperson Jay Blanton said in a statement that the university has not yet received the complaint. 

“The university will respond to the lawsuit at the appropriate time and in an appropriate manner,” he said.