Take a mini vacay


Kernel Opinion SIG

Sarah Ladd

If you’re like me and took summer classes and/or worked all summer (inserts sleepy emoji), you’re already tired — before the fall semester has a chance to start!

As I pack my books from the summer and simultaneously order my fall ones, I am overwhelmed, and I can’t imagine jumping back into the hustle and bustle of class schedules, assignments and deadlines. Shivers. Even if you didn’t take classes during the break, you likely worked all summer to save up for the fall. While I commend the work ethic, we need to learn to slow down.

We as college students tend to work too hard and not focus on self-care, despite stereotypes that insist on millennial laziness. We focus on paying tuition, paying rent and keeping our head above a pool of debt, but in doing so, we lose sight of the long-term ramifications. Without caring for our mental health, doing things we enjoy and relaxing, we will burn out long before walking across the stage and grabbing that expensive piece of paper! Remember, graduation is the start of a career. It’s just the beginning! So, we must pace ourselves and save energy for our job search and new careers.

As I think about my May 2019 graduation, I am reminding myself to slow down, smell the roses, and save some energy for my career. Even if you won’t graduate for a few years, don’t let yourself fade! Pace yourself. These are the best years of our lives. Let’s make a conscious decision to enjoy them.

As college students, we’re likely not rolling in cash, so I don’t recommend an all-out weekend in Vegas casinos, but I do encourage you to take a mini vacation somewhere relaxing or do something fun before starting fall classes. Especially if you have worked all summer and not taken time to soak up some sun rays and clear your head.

You don’t have to spend everything you made over the summer. Just drive out of town, go hiking, go to a museum, read a book by a pool. Do something for only you before the fall semester starts so you can start your classes with a fresh mind and positive attitude.