Celebrate National Guacamole Day by not buying it at the store


Guacamole Graphic

Usually, there are so many “national day ofs” in the year that I pay them each little mind. But imagine my sheer joy when realizing that Sunday, Sept. 16, was National Guacamole Day.

Of all culinary masteries, guacamole deserves all the odes, all the poetry, all the consumption that we can afford. Truthfully, it seems like an insult to all the Michelin star chefs in the world that such a gastronomic treat can be made so easily, so quickly and by someone who did not attend Le Cordon Bleu. AKA me. And you.

It’s not just delicious; guacamole has ample health benefits. For example, it is rich in Vitamins K, C and A, and Oleic Acid. These nutrients can help with healthy blood clotting, help with eyesight, and reduce risk of cancer along with other benefits. Ignore the calories; focus on this instead. Feel better? Good; on to the better part.

I’ve spent years looking for the right guacamole recipe, laboring over my own like some kind of stereotypical obsessed scientist who only works at night (but why at night? Oh well, I digress). So far, the credit for the best guacamole recipe that I’ve made goes to Antoni Porowski, the chef from Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, who in the very first episode introduced his little secret for perfect guacamole: Greek yogurt. Yes, it was that simple.

I don’t follow his recipe to a T, and I don’t suggest following any recipe religiously. Cooking is art and meant to be explored. Staying true to my southern roots, I alter every recipe I attempt to better fit my personality. I don’t include cilantro in his recipe (let’s be honest– if I’m making guacamole, I’m not spending time separating delicate cilantro leaves from the stems). I don’t think you’ll miss this ingredient.

Whatever recipe you decide to try this weekend, make sure it fits your needs and go ahead and buy your avocados soon to ensure they are ripe. Above all, enjoy this National Guacamole Day!