Halloween is over: Pack up the pumpkins, get out the Christmas lights


Kernel Opinion SIG

Kaitlyn Roe

As Halloween comes to an end and Thanksgiving quickly approaches, there is one thing on my mind: Christmas. And while the debate of “to decorate or not to decorate” has been a heated one over the years, I want to share the top five reasons for beginning Christmas festivities on Nov. 1.

1. It brightens the days

As October fades and we welcome November, we also welcome day light savings time. When we are used to a 9:30 p.m. sunset and suddenly it’s dusk at 7 p.m., that can be a difficult adjustment. I’ve always found hanging my Christmas lights and decorating my tree to be a great remedy for this problem. It literally lights up my entire house. It brightens my mood and helps me to stay awake longer during those fall evenings.

2. It’s motivational  

Decorating for Christmas is a treat for me. To take the time out of my schedule to put up glittering ornaments and fluffy stockings is something that I look forward to every year. So, if I decorate at the beginning of November, it is a de-stressor for me after fall midterms. It’s like my reward for making it this far through the semester.

3. You can enjoy them longer

Everyone remembers that feeling of opening your gifts on Christmas Day and then realizing it won’t happen again for an entire year. It’s a terrible feeling. When I decorate for Christmas in November, I am preserving the Christmas excitement that we all had as kids. So much work and effort goes into the Christmas holiday for it to all be over in 24 hours. Why not celebrate it a little longer? 

4. It makes Thanksgiving even better

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas decorations don’t take away from the Thanksgiving season— they add to it! Imagine combining the glory of Thanksgiving dinner with the beauty of Christmas? To get to sit around a festive Christmas tree while you eat pumpkin pie is the best of both holidays.

5. It saves time

Christmas is stressful. There is so much to do in such a small amount of time. If you start November by decorating, you are saving yourself a week in December to go shopping, see your family or just relax and enjoy the holiday season. The time you normally spent decorating right before Christmas could be spent admiring all the beauty of Christmas around you.

I know that many feel we are overlooking Thanksgiving if we decorate on Nov. 1. because they think we are upheaving one important holiday in favor of another. On the contrary, I feel that by decorating for Christmas in advance, we are amplifying Thanksgiving by promoting the festive feeling of the Christmas holiday.