Despite complaints, UK sports tickets are reasonably priced


Scratch crowd surfs in the student section during the game against Central Michigan on Saturday Sept. 1, 2018, at Kroger Field in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky won 35-20. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Sarah Halsey

Earlier this year, the Kentucky Kernel website hosted an online poll that asked our audience whether they thought UK sports tickets were too expensive. The results showed that many believed they were. However, when you compare the quality to the cost, UK’s sports tickets are reasonably priced. 

Athletics is a major draw for UK students. With a highly successful college basketball program, a football program on the rise and many other athletic programs experiencing success, UK athletics is in great condition. Many students come to UK with athletics and fandom in mind, in hopes of seeing their team succeed. Students are excited to go to games and to cheer on their beloved Cats, and many are willing to fork over large amounts of money to do so.

UK student tickets for football and basketball are only $10 each. Every other sporting event on campus is free with a student ID. Although $10 may seem like a lot of money for a student ticket, it is significantly less than what students pay at other universities for tickets.

UK student tickets are more than reasonably priced, especially in comparison to other SEC schools. Excluding South Carolina and Vanderbilt (whose student tickets are included in tuition), Kentucky has the cheapest student tickets in the entire SEC. Season football tickets are currently priced at $70 at UK. Student season football tickets are $290 at Texas A&M, $150 at Ole Miss and $140 at Florida, according to Saturdays Down South.

UK also now offers students the option to buy season passes to football and basketball games, which saves students even more money than in past years. Many students obviously took advantage of this opportunity, considering the combined football and basketball season tickets sold out in less than two hours. Hopefully the student section will reflect this in football and basketball games, because it hasn’t always in the past.

Many UK students do know how good we have it with such deals offered for season tickets. UK Athletics encourages students to come support the Cats by offering the cheapest student tickets in the entire SEC. On top of that, many extra incentives are offered, such as BBN Rewards points, free food and t-shirts at many sporting events. The UK student tickets are beyond reasonably priced.