The bomb threat to UK’s White Hall: 22 hours of uncertainty

Haily Duvall, a 19-year-old sophomore at UK, was arrested early in the morning on Nov. 8 and charged with terroristic threatening and filing a false police report. 

Bailey Vandiver

Below is a timeline of events relating to the bomb threat against White Hall. The timeline starts on the afternoon of Nov. 7 and continues to the present. 

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Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

2:33 p.m. Haily Duvall sends first message in large student GroupMe about threats

In a GroupMe called “Party Girls” that has 3,144 members, presumably all UK students, Duvall began sending messages about threats. 

Duvall’s original message said, “There are threats going around campus. So please be cautious of what you are doing and where. I can’t really get into details but just be on guard.” 

A few people replied asking for more details. Duvall next sent a screenshot of a message she sent in a different group message. That message said, “I’m not gonna get into details because the situation is already bad and having 3,000 girls talking about it, making assumptions and those spreading into rumors will just make the situation worse. But I’m just saying if anything looks are [sic] seems abnormal report it to UKPD and just be cautious the next two days on campus.”

2:46 p.m. Duvall says in the group that police are involved

Duvall wrote that she couldn’t elaborate without risking getting in trouble with UK Police, who she said were already aware of the threats.

Some people were expressing frustration that she wasn’t sharing more details.

“I said something because I genuinely care about the well-being of everyone in this chat,” Duvall wrote in the GroupMe. 

Duvall wrote that she didn’t want to cause panic; instead, she said she wanted everyone to be aware of any danger.

2:58 p.m. Duvall sends message about police trying to track individual

“The threat was made with a time frame of the next two days. In reality it could happen in two days, two weeks, or two years,” she wrote. “I’m just saying to report anything that may be suspicious or potentially be dangerous to others.”

She also wrote that UKPD was in the process of tracking the person making threats, “but it is hard to do with no name or identity of the person(s),” she wrote. 

4:05 p.m. Duvall writes that UK Police searched White Hall 

Duvall wrote that she personally walked with police officers who searched White Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe was unable to comment on whether UK police officers did search the building at that time because he does not want to disclose police methods. 

4:25 p.m. Duvall says she ‘willingly’ involved herself in police investigation

“I involved myself willingly when I reported all of the threats to UKPD,” Duvall wrote. 

6:22 p.m. After a few hours of not responding, Duvall returns to posting in the group

“So I’m technically not suppose [sic] to share any information, even what little I’ve already shared until I’ve heard back from one of the reporting officers, but I understand a lot of people are worried and are in limbo with not knowing anything aspect of the threat.”

She wrote that several girls had said they weren’t going out on Wednesday night because they were scared.

“But that isn’t okay,” she wrote. “Everyone should be free to go out and do their own thing.”

She also wrote that she would not share any pictures or screenshots but that the threats were “along the lines of a shooting/bomb/fire made on Snapchat.” 

6:32 p.m. Duvall sends screenshots of Snapchats in group

Someone asked Duvall how she got the Snapchats, and she said they were posted as a public story on the UK map area. She said two Snapchats were sent to someone else directly; she said that unnamed individual also reported the situation. 

Warning: The screenshots contain profanity. 

6:59 p.m. Duvall says UKPD does not know who ‘he’ is 

Duvall wrote that UKPD was looking for the sender of the Snapchats; in the screenshots, you can see the Snapchat username “Max R.” Duvall wrote that UKPD only had the first name and did not yet know who “he” was.

7:30 p.m. Another student says she was added by the ‘Max R’ account

Another student, whose name we are not using because she has not responded to our requests for comment, send in the group message that she had been added on Snapchat by phone number by the “Max R” account. This means that the person behind the “Max R” account personally had the phone number of this student. 

A few minutes later, Duvall responded to this student and said, “No f***ing way… What is his Snapchat?”

7:44 p.m. Duvall tells student not to message ‘Max R’ account

“There is a chance it could be an empty threat, but there’s also a chance it could be a real threat, so I suggest not messaging him,” Duvall wrote. 

The student responded and said, “I’m just so freaked out because they added me by phone number so chances are it’s someone I know.” 

7:56 p.m. Duvall says UKPD is ‘very effective’

“The police are aware of his Snapchat already. They can’t track it for numerous reasons. They aren’t even entirely sure who he is,” she wrote. “UKPD is actually very effective and applied their concern with authority but unfortunately they are limited on what they can do give [sic] the circumstance, given the law and given UK campus and PD policy. I would suggest not messaging him or adding him on SC.”

8 p.m. UK tweets statement about the situation

The statement from UK President Eli Capilouto said that UK Police would be investigating social media posts that contained an “unsubstantiated threat” involving White Hall.

8:16 p.m. UK’s statement continues to be discussed in the group

Screenshots of UK’s statement is circulated in the group.

Duvall expressed frustration that her name was sent out in a fraternity group chat. 

“Your girl here, literally risked getting in trouble with UKPD to share information she wasn’t suppose [sic] to share for y’alls safety and one of y’all can’t even keep my one damn request to keep my name out of it,” she wrote. 

A few minutes later, she said that her name had been spread further. 

“And some of y’all wandered [sic] why I didn’t wanna share specifics… This is exactly why sh*t gets speeds to fast [sic] and misconstrued and now I’m in the middle of it.” 

8:35 p.m. Duvall calls WKYT to report the threats

Another Kernel reporter who also works at WKYT took her call. She told the station that she was one of the first to report the threats.

8:57 p.m. Duvall sends another screenshot from ‘Max R’

The screenshot showed that it had just been posted a minute before. 

The text on the Snapchat read, “Group chats. News channels. Twitter. Facebook… the fear has spread just as it should get ready p******.” 

9:28 p.m. Duvall sends another Snapchat screenshot

Duvall sends another screenshot of a Snapchat of several weapons and the text, “It is only a matter of time let the countdown begin.” The Kernel found that the photo of the weapons was actually a screenshot from a YouTube video. 

In the group message, Duvall wrote that the picture of the weapons looked fake.

9:47 p.m. Duvall sends that ‘Max R’ added her as a friend on Snapchat

She wrote that “Max R” added her because other people failed to protect her identity. She expressed fear in her messages. 

9:51 p.m. Duvall jokes that she got students out of class

Duvall wrote, “Y’all I literally managed to get thousands of students out of class,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Then she wrote, “Well technically this punka** Max did but my snitching a** ratted him out, so I take credit too.”

10:26 p.m. Kernel reporter messages UK student Haily Duvall about interviewing her

“Hi Haily I’m with the Kentucky Kernel and we’re trying to report on this incident, would you mind giving me your phone number or email address so we can talk about this?” the Kernel reporter wrote. 

Duvall responded at 11:07 with her phone number and wrote, “I have already spoken with WKYT but if you are needing more details I can provide them. I was the initial student to report the threat.”

10:45 p.m. Duvall says she will be on the news

“Catch me at 11 on WKYT. Max already knew my face so it doesn’t matter,” she wrote. 

11:13 p.m. Duvall says the interview was ‘a bust’

Duvall wrote in the group that she “got my a** out of bed drove to campus and gave a five minute interview in the cold and they reduce me to 8 seconds.” 

She then said the interview was “a bust” and that WKYT better post her full interview the next day. 

WATCH: WKYT interview

11:14 p.m. A different Kernel reporter calls Duvall and interviews her

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11:19 p.m. UK tweets a further update

Many students and parents on Twitter and Facebook had been questioning why classes were not canceled for Thursday and why a UK Alert had not been sent out.

The tweets said that UK Police had continued its investigation and “there remains no credible evidence regarding their threat.” 

11:54 p.m. Jokes are sent about Duvall being ‘Max R’

Another member of the group message sent a joke about Duvall actually being “Max R.” Duvall directly responded to that message and wrote, “That would be the biggest f***ing plot twist of the century and the most f***ed up one.”

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018

12:53 a.m. Duvall says an officer is coming to her house

“The cop is coming to my house with more questions. Sh*t is getting serious,” Duvall wrote. 

1:00 a.m. Screenshot of Kernel article is sent in group

Another member sent a screenshot of the Kernel story that quoted Duvall and wrote, “Kentucky Kernel has your name on blast.”

Duvall responded, “F*** Kentucky Kernel whatever it is,” then, “Oh the news source.” 

That was her last message sent in the group message. 

2:46 a.m. Duvall arrested at UK Police Headquarters

Duvall was arrested and charged with terroristic threatening 2nd degree and filing a false police report.

6:22 a.m. Capilouto sends campus-wide email about arrest

Capilouto notified campus that an arrest had been made by UK Police, working with the FBI.

“We are confident there was never any credibility to these threats. But because threats of violence cause anxiety and fear, we will have an additional police presence on campus today to ensure everyone can attend classes and do their work with confidence in our safety,” Capilouto wrote.

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Morning. Though the university didn’t cancel all classes that day, many professors canceled classes by their own decision, and even more students skipped their classes to avoid campus. There was a police presence in White Hall but the university had assured the campus community that there was no danger.

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Duvall’s arraignment is at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8. 

Rick Childress and Lauryn Haas contributed reporting for this timeline.