Home remedies for the holidays


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College students get sick regularly, whether it is stress-related or the seasons changing. No busy college student wants to schedule a doctor’s appointment, because going to the doctor costs money if you don’t have insurance.

For the college student who doesn’t feel like going to the doctor, I am going to present some home remedies that can cure basic illnesses. Home remedies are a reminiscent way to welcome cold weather and the inevitable sniffles.

The first home remedy is to alleviate sore throats, and the fast-approaching winter marks a good time to talk about it. Simply add table salt to warm water and gargle the salt water. Doctors advise that you add one teaspoon of salt per eight ounces of water. Don’t swallow it– because it’s nasty and bad for you. Just spit it out.

The second home remedy is for burns. Apply aloe when you burn yourself, and the pain from the burn should immediately go away. And who doesn’t love a robust little aloe plant in your dorm? The aesthetic and vibe is quite nice.

The third home remedy kills two birds with one stone: weight loss and earaches. For weight loss, drink apple cider vinegar to help you lose weight. You can dilute it with water to help it go down better.

Alternatively, you can also use apple cider vinegar for earaches. Dip a Q-tip into apple cider vinegar then rub the soaked swab in your ear. If your ear feels like it is burning, it is working. Another way you can do this is to use a syringe and put the apple cider vinegar in your ear, closing it off with a cotton ball.

The fourth home remedy is for getting whiter teeth. Combine water and baking soda into a dish and mix it together until it becomes a paste. Dip your toothpaste into the paste, then brush your teeth with it. My mom personally uses this and her teeth are whiter than mine.

My final home remedy is for hiccups. Hold your nose and swallow. This should get rid of your hiccups and can be subtly done in a busy classroom. Another method of alleviating hiccups is to drink some water.

These are remedies that may be new to our generation (or maybe we grew up with them), but deserve some attention from us as college students. While they’re certainly good home remedies, never let these substitute a needed trip to your doctor. But meanwhile, enjoy the bad-tasting coziness of self-treating with home remedies.