Advice for the smart Black Friday shopper


Kernel Opinion SIG

Sarah Halsey

Black Friday is an annual American tradition like no other. Americans rush out of their homes at ungodly hours to save money while shopping. Black Friday shopping is here once again, and it is a favorite holiday tradition for many Americans. Having a plan and being prepared are game changers on Black Friday, and I’ve got you covered. 

Know what you want to buy before you get there. This can save you time and money. Whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts or simply for yourself, you should always have an idea of what you want to buy before you walk into the store. This will help you to be less distracted and tempted by things that may look good in the store but that you might mind spending money on later.

Prioritize the stores you want to get to first. If you are really serious about saving money on Black Friday, you have to prioritize the items and stores that are the most important to you. This can help you to avoid feeling like you wasted your time and money. That you can’t ever get back buying things that you didn’t need and things that weren’t that important to you.

Have a budget. While shopping is fun, it is still important to be responsible with your money. Be aware of how much you are spending. If you aren’t aware, you will be sorry the next day. Do yourself a favor and stick to a reasonable budget, even on Black Friday. You will thank yourself later.

Shop with cash or a debit card, not with a credit card. As simple as this may be, it is a great way to keep yourself accountable for the money that you spend. You cannot spend money that you don’t have if you are shopping with cash or a debit card. This is one easy way to avoid credit card debt and regret. 

I have learned from experience that these tips can make your life so much easier while shopping on any day, especially on Black Friday. Planning ahead can relieve a lot of Black Friday shopping stress. It has been said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This applies to Black Friday, too. This simple things add up, even while shopping.