Calipari comments on documents pertaining to UK in college basketball scandal


Kentucky head coach John Calipari addresses the media during the press conference before Kentucky’s open practice on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia. Kentucky will play Kansas State in the Sweet 16 game in the NCAA tournament on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

On Wednesday evening, ESPN released a document relating to the FBI’s investigation into college basketball, and Jarred Vanderbilt and Ashton Hagans were listed on the document.

Before the Kentucky men’s basketball team had their first practice since the Duke loss on Thursday afternoon, head coach John Calipari commented on ESPN’s story, saying he trusts that the compliance department did they’re research in assuring that his players were eligible to play.

“The best thing about coaching here, is your coach basketball,” Calipari said. “What you’re talking about, our administration and compliance are so thorough, doubly thorough that I trust everything is fine.”

Before the press conference, UK Athletics released a statement relating to the eligibility of Hagans, confirming that he is still eligible to participate in team activities.

“We remain committed to compliance in all facets of our athletics department All of our student-athletes undergo a thorough review process to ensure their eligibility. With the full cooperation of our student-athletes and their families, the compliance department works closely with the NCAA Eligibility Center and the Southeastern Conference throughout the entire amateurism certification process. At this time there is no change in the eligibility of any of our current or former students,” UK Athletics’ statement said.

No players were made available for interviews before Calipari’s press conference, which is not ordinary compared to previous press availabilities.

There was no evidence that Hagans and Vanderbilt received payments or knew of Christian Dawkins’ plans to pay the players, according to ESPN’s report. Yahoo! Sports reported on Tuesday that the FBI is handing some of its evidence over to the NCAA, clearing them to have their own investigation.