Avoid post-Thanksgiving slump; finish the semester strong


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Sarah Halsey

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and many students already have their eyes on Christmas Break. Although this is understandable, you cannot check out now if you want to finish the semester strong.

As much as we all wish the semester was already over, it isn’t yet. We cannot wish away the remainder of the semester. I would know. I’ve tried. It didn’t work.

Take advantage of the many academic programs and services on campus for students. Many of them are free. The Writing Center at the library will edit your final papers for free. Presentation U will help you perfect your final presentations. The Study has multiple locations across campus that will help you prepare for your final exams. Professors also have office hours available to students. Take advantage of the free resources that can help you finish the semester strong and make the grades you need and want. 

Many students lose motivation after (or even before) Thanksgiving break. One thing that might help you regain some momentum for the rest of the semester is remembering why you came to college in the first place. Do not accept less effort from yourself because you aren’t a freshman anymore or because graduation may be just around the corner. Take pride in your work and in the way you finish this semester and every other one. 

We are all extremely blessed to be able to pursue a degree in postsecondary education. Simply being in college is a great opportunity that many people worldwide do not have access to. Many people never dreamt of going to college because it was so unlikely, yet we are able to attend college and earn degrees. Simply realizing how blessed we are can put circumstances into perspective and motivate us to finish the year out strong.

As author and speaker Rachel Hollis says, “Hope is not a strategy.” You cannot wish good grades into existence. You cannot hope grades into formation. If you do not finish the semester strong and work hard, it will be over before you know it and the grades will be final. Prove to yourself that you can make the grades and that you are capable of the things you set your mind to.