Advice from a senior for finals week


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Alas, the jam-packed, stressful week that every college student hates is here: Finals week.

This week is filled with all-nighters, endless exams and numerous papers being due all at the same time or closely to one another. This week is bound to take a toll on every college student. But I can offer some tips to help you make it through.  

The first tip I would like to give is to sleep whenever possible. Sleep is essential for your body and lets your body recharge after a long day of exams and papers, which is similar to how your phone or your computer needing charged after you used it for a while. 

Sleep is also imperative to your brain performing at optimal levels, such as when you really need to remember to answer to a question on a final. If you don’t sleep, you risk your brain not performing like it should and your body will be more susceptible to illness.

The second tip I would like to give is to never neglect your mental health. After you take your final, do what you like to do to unwind. Maybe that is watching Netflix with a glass of wine in your hand. Maybe it’s spending time with friends. 

Whatever you like to do to relax, do it. The important thing is that this obstacle you have in front of you is only temporary. In a couple of days, when you take your last final exam or finish up papers, it will all be over. You can then relax a little for three weeks. 

The third tip I would like to give is to have a to-do list of all the stuff you have to do this week. Write it out on notebook paper or type it on your computer and cross off things as you complete. I promise you, it feels rewarding to cross thing off a list. It gives a certain feeling of accomplishment and release to cross one more thing off. 

The last tip I would like to give is to not worry so much about what this week will hold. Everything will work out. I have personally gone into final exams thinking that I was going to fail my exams, but to my surprise, I always pass them. Even if you do flunk an exam, it is not the end of the world. If your exam is a huge chunk of your grade, you could always retake the class next semester. Maybe knowing previous knowledge will help you the second time around.

I hope these tips help some stressed out, tired college student this finals week. Remember to breathe deep and keep your eyes on your personal goals.