Getting over the post-break slump


A few simple changes can turn the post-break slump into post-break success.

Myia Pretty

Everyone knows that feeling coming back from a break and having to jump right back into the daily grind, whether it be school, work or just life in general. It is an unpleasant feeling that most people dread.

The good news though is that there are ways to get over that terrible, cringe-worthy slump. Here are some tips so that you are prepared to tackle the slump before it tackles you.

Tip #1 – Accept it

One UK student shared his way of coping through the slump.

“I simply don’t give it a second thought, it is what is,” said Muthomi Mwenda.

That’s just it; the first step is to accept it. It may be hard at first, but it is the very first thing you should do to get yourself over that slump. Accept it for what it is and move on with your life because time is still ticking, and life is not waiting for you, so keep it moving!

Tip #2 – Adjust your sleep schedules

Sleep is underrated. Everyone knows how crazy sleep schedules can get over the break, so get those schedules back on track, so that you can be your best self every day.

Tip #3 – Spice up your daily routine

Routines are what helps people keep their lives on track. Routines can get boring, so don’t be afraid to throw a little spice in the mix.

Make your routine something that makes you excited to get up every day and helps maximize the day to its fullest potential. Concert showers in the morning, perhaps?

Tip #4 – Find some inspiration

The best way to experience life is to find beauty in even the simplest of things. Perhaps a dainty little coffee shop could do just that or even something as simple as writing three things you are grateful for.

Tip #5 – Reorganize your living space

Sometimes all you need is a little change in your living arrangements. It doesn’t have to be big, like moving to another state, but simply just changing your bed around to be closer to the window or adding some decorative lights that make you feel like you are super star. Just a little touch of something new can make a big difference in how you feel.

Tip #6 – Look forward to something

One former UK student shared his favorite way to adjust back to the grind.

“I used to look forward to seeing and catching up with my friends while I was away, the social aspect is what draws me back,” said Jason Thompson.

Planning is essential, from something as big as planning a summer vacation out of the country, planning to go to a concert in the next month, or just having coffee with a friend. Plan something, anything.

Tip #8 – Give social media a break

This one is of absolute importance. Taking time away from comparing yourself to everyone else, seeing how many likes you get on an Instagram post or how many people watched your Snapchat story is something that deserves a true break. Give yourself some time and appreciate the little things that are not on your phone. You’ll instantly start to feel some relief.

Tip #9 – Relax, breathe, meditate

Finally, relax and take it easy! Just because you have to jump back into the grind of things does not mean that you can’t incorporate some “me time” on the side. Take a bath, meditate for 10 minutes, journal, do something that will help you relax your mind. Even though you may not be able to slow down time, you can surely get out of the fast lane and take it slow for some time.

Along with these great tips are some fabulous resources that can help you along the way like the UK counseling center, which offers ways to destress from the slump, and the Alumni Gym and the Johnson Recreation Center, where you can jump back on that gym routine or just let off some steam. The JC and Alumni Gym also offer out-door pursuit trips that are affordable and fun to plan with your friends.

While all of these are great ways to help you overcome the slump, don’t forget about your friends and support groups that you have gained along the way. Most likely they are going through the same thing that you are, so fight the slump together.

As you prepare to jump back in the groove of things, remember to enjoy the ride.