UK police officer alive after his life saved by UK employees, students


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Sydney Momeyer

After UK Police Officer Alan Saylor suffered a heart attack in his office located in the Student Center on Thursday, UK employees and a UK student-employee stepped in to help save his life.

According to a UK press release, those who helped save Saylor were UK employees Chip Carter, Walter Robinson and Matt Burns and student-employee Brandon King. The three began to perform CPR on Saylor as soon as he suffered the heart attack. Alex Rosenzweig, who works in the Visitor’s Center, called 911.

Saylor has been hospitalized and is being treated. He is now considered to be in good condition and is expected to recover. 

“I want to thank the wonderful staff members of the Gatton Student Center who acted so quickly and skillfully to help me,” Saylor told UKPR. “With Brandon King being a nursing major at UK, he certainly put his training to use. I am truly grateful to everyone who has been instrumental in saving my life.”

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said he is grateful for the “quick actions” of these individuals and said this attests to the importance of CPR training. UK Police offers CPR training; for more information, call 859-257-8573.